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b2ap3 large googlesearchlogoI review how Integrated Media Strategies is doing on Search platforms on a regular basis and for the past few months, we have been holding steady with a #2 ranking on Google for 'integrated media', just behind Wikipedia.  For a startup company less than a year old providing media and consulting services - not some buzzworthy Silicon Valley clone, it is a significant achievement. 

It also shows that it is possible for smaller companies providing good services and who have a sound integrated marketing and communications plan to be able to compete against organizations with far larger budgets.  But it does require some attention to what I call the basics:

b2ap3 large Help instructionsI originally created this help topic to assist members of the Experimental Aircraft Chapter whose site I created and manage.  Many of the members are older and were insecure about creating content on a website.  To foster engagement, HELP instructions demystifies the processes they use.  After all, if they are capable of following the instructions when building a kit aircraft, they can do so when posting to a website.

This page provides information about how to post a link in text on a Joomla site page using the TinyMCE text editor

b2ap3 large NCAMA image 01Both the American Manufacturing Association and the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association report a shortage of skilled technicians of hundreds and thousand of jobs.   They are just two industry sectors facing this challenge and with thousands of older technicians reaching retirement age, the trend may even accelerate.  Workers needed to fill these positions typically require a two -year degree or less and hands-on training on specialized equipment.  Other skills sets are also required, but these can also be met by community and technical colleges.  So why the shortfall?

b2ap3 large holidays 2012Integrated Media Strategies would like to wish all its clients happy holidays.  The company has had an eventful first year in business and has would like to thank it's clients here in the United States, the United Kingdom and China for the work we've been able to do for you in these past twelve months. 

We've launched multiple websites, helped build social media presences for several clients here in the U.S. and U.K., and assisted two Chinese companies with their English-language marketing.  Additionally,

b2ap3 large some assembly requiredWorking with a 10-community college statewide advanced manufacturing workforce development initiative called the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, which uses Joomla's Easyblog for their News & Updates, it became apparent that the participants needed some instructions on how to create their profiles on the site.  Helping people posting to the platform from within the site helps to ensure their postings are more consistent, complete, and provides some context about the person posting, their credentials and their role within the initiative.  This was particularly important to visitors from out of state, within the advanced manufacturing industry sector, or potential students interested in a career in advanced manufacturing. 

Although Easyblog provides more options for enhancing a profile and provides additional detail and fields that can be important for other blog uses, the steps below provide the basic information needed to get a person's profile looking useful.  The images below are from the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance site.

b2ap3 large NCAMA icon for Perspectives CopyIntegrated Media Strategies has been assisting the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance for the past few months with their branding and helping them establish their communications infrastructure.  The alliance's website made a significant leap forward at the end of August, with the addition of most of the content to the site.

The alliance is an ambitious initiative using $18 million in DOL funding to significantly upgrade the quality of training for the advanced manufacturing industry in North Carolina.  It comprises 10 community colleges offering a range of certificate, diploma, and associate degrees aimed at producing graduates who can be hired by companies using advanced manufacturing for their products.  The website acts as an important bridging tool for the 10 community colleges, which are scattered statewide across North Carolina, as well as a powerful marketing tool for the state and a recruiting site to students interested in a career in advanced manufacturing.



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