The brief from Smart Earth Seeds was to create an online marketing and support space for growers in Canada and elsewhere of a proprietary cultivar of camelina.  It is, in effect an online agricultural extension service for camelina.  Camelina is an oilseed that is a short-season crop suitable for the short Canadian summers and the proprietary cultivar is drought resistant as well as resistant to downy mildew, and black leg disease.  But it is not a well-known crop and the site was developed not only to market the benefits and value proposition of growing camelina, but also to provide support to farmers.

A custom-designed database and form was set up to gather information from interested farmers for grower profiles.  That information then becomes useful when addressing questions from the field and providing support to individual growers as well as for more general best practices. Integrated Media Strategies worked closely with Smart Earth Seeds to build a site that provides to registered growers a range of resources.  Registered growers are provided a username and password with which they can access the grower gateway which has:


  • A library of scientific information about camelina
  • A forum in which agronomic questions are answered by a plant scientist
  • A knowledgebase of FAQs

The fully-responsive site was designed to have a light footprint so that pages would load quickly on broadband for those farmers seeking to access information directly from the field on their smartphones or tablets.  Additional design work was done on the logo and pages were created for an online library of YouTube videos. 

The project also included several hours of training to familiarize staff with the more general features of the site, the grower profile forum and the news blog.  SEO services were also provided and a built-in support ticket function included in the site for future site development as the needs of the client evolve and as the crop becomes more prevalent.

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