phoneIn 2016, the CEO of Integrated Media Strategies, Norman Smit, was invited by the Raleigh office of the SCORE small business mentoring organization to offer a series of seminars in the first quarter of 2017.  The seminars, which will take place at libraries across Wake County has been titled "The Smartphone-Wielding Small Business Guide to Content Marketing".  

The ground we cover includes:


  • How people find stuff online today – and why that matters to your small business
  • Important tech changes that impact your online marketing
  • The impact of smartphones on Googling, Search and the rise of hyperlocal results
  • Free vs paid – or – organic vs pay/click
  • What is ‘content marketing’
  • Authenticity, market differentiation and SEO
  • How to do content marketing
  • The importance of publishing regular, relevant and informationally valuable content
  • Using your smartphone effectively to create and disseminate content
  • Social posting, media types and where they work best, and customer endorsements
  • And, of course, questions

Feedback from seminar attendees has been universally positive.  Attendees discussed afterwards how they seminar had inspired them to find the time to consistently create useful content for market differentiation, improved sales, and better search results.  They said the seminar had shown them how content, search, SEO, process flow, and social media worked together for improved visibility and made them understand why it was a good idea to prioritize the time needed for this type of marketing.

If you're unable to attend and are interested in obtaining a copy of the slides we will send them to you.  If your small business is interested in the small business support that Integrated Media Strategies provides, please contact us.

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