Johnston County Building Industry Association Integrated Media Strategies has partnered with the Johnston County Building Industry Association for two years, helping to raise the visibility of the organization and its members.  We started by redoing the website and providing training to staff on how to use it effectively, populate the member directory with information from members and creating a useful database of content.  This means that when a visitor comes to the site to find a reputable builder, but who doesn't use 'builder speak', they will be able to find the information that they need.

On a limited budget, we then worked with the association to effectively connect the site to Google analytics and begin the process of building content relevant to stakeholders, the local community, members, and other interested audiences.   We provided seminars through the association to members on content marketing so that they could tap into the digital resources available to them through the association.  A number of the members tapped into the expertise offered by Integrated Media Strategies to improve their websites and to develop content on their projects.  These in turn we re-shared by the association via the site, their email marketing and social media.

We also helped the association with search engine optimization, Google Maps and hyper-local search, and with it's site security, blocking IP addresses from leach and other spamlinking sites server-side.  All along, we provided communications mentoring, explaining contextually how digital communications should be integrated for maximum effect and reach. 

Despite being a small, regional industry association, the website is seeing more than 200,000 pageviews from search terms like "looking up construction Smithfield" and related phrases, a healthy amount of traffic for an organization of this size.


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