Integrated Media Strategies has been working with the African Leadership Institute to integrate its digital infrastructure and systematically improve its online visibility.   

The institute was created to change the continent by creating and supporting a new generation of young, visionary, ethical, strategic leaders across Africa. Their candidates are from all spheres of society and every country. AFLI offers a powerful learning experience run in partnership with Oxford University. Only 20-25 carefully chosen candidates, nominated from across Africa, are selected each year.  Among their alumni are a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, a candidate for President, technology leaders and other high-calibre leaders. What was needed was a way to enable all the alumni to better support each other.


The alumni of AFLI form a dynamic network of Fellows passionately committed to the continent’s transformation, bridging the divide between nations and ensuring that Africa is set centre-stage in global affairs. But for AFLI reach its ambitious goals, a key step was to relaunch the website on a platform that would provide for networking and discussion among alumni, along with all of the other usual elements that websites today must be able to accomplish.

The site is well branded, so it was necessary to keep the look similar, but replace it completely. Integrated Media Strategies switched to Joomla and redid the site with:

  • Greater visual impact. Part of the authenticity of what Tutu Leadership Fellows are accomplishing is better seen than told.
  • Separate areas with varying levels of access in those areas.
  • A private networking area.
  • A private forum for leadership programme Fellows to be able to discuss issues, ask questions and brainstorm on solutions to difficult problems.
  • Capabilities for Fellows attending leadership programmes to be able to write, post and interact with classmates and staff.
  • A social-media friendly blog with commenting to showcase what alumni are accomplishing.

We worked with AFLI to develop the site while keeping content up to date on the old site.  We made domain name (DNS) and email (MX) record changes at weekends and helped staff to migrate email and connect to their new email servers.  Project management included working with staff and Fellows in the UK and various parts of Africa.

Phase II is now underway in areas like metadata, search engine optimization and improving the content marketing for better reach.

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