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    biofuelswiki domain for saleThe domain is for sale.  Interested parties can purchase the domain only or the domain and the files associated with the wiki when it was operational.

    The principal at Integrated Media Strategies was a founding member of the team tasked with launching an ambitious initiative to develop advanced biofuels in North Carolina. With all of the state's liquid transportation fuel being imported, a strong case was made for an agency to provide leadership on coordinating the technical, biomass-related, economic, legal and other issues needed to attract technologies that could manufacture advanced biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol and analogues for diesel, jetfuel and gasoline.  With big oil throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at anti-biofuels messaging to retain market share, I determined that an assymetric approach was needed to counter misinformation put out by the petroleum industry.  The Biofuels Wiki was launched and grew to more than 11 hundred articles over a two-year period from more than 250 authors across the globe.  It became a premiere and authoritative site of scientific and explanatory content, attracting a monthly average of 35,000 topic views.



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