Consulting services


Integrated Media Strategies consults directly to organizations or partners with other agencies and organizations to provide specific input or assistance. The primary areas in which we are active include developing strategic communications, integration of marketing communications, digital video for quality control and risk avoidance in regulated and advanced manufacturing, and assisting economic and workforce development initiatives. 

A key strength is assisting consortiums with strategy and implementation of their communications infrastructure. After building the infrastructure, we provide training and guidance on using the platforms and processes consortium-wide to work together effectively - in short, getting everyone to row together.


Strategic communications and integrated marketing.

Integrated Media Strategies has broad capabilities in communications, both strategic and tactical, and its key strength is in using technology and integrated media for cost effective solutions.  The list below illustrates some areas in which it can be of assistance:

  • Review of client communications practices
  • Communications goal setting
  • Guidance, training and mentoring on new media
  • Projects, campaigns and issue management
  • Cost-effective use of integrated media
  • Development of communications platforms for social, web, digital and email marketing and communications
  • Spokesperson training
  • Development of content marketing and communications practices
  • Integration of video into communications practices
  • Development of a media relations plan
  • Development or review of crisis communications plans
  • Media release generation and distribution
  • Adapting communications plans to include opinion-shapers from blogs and social media
  • Development of social media plans
  • Development of organization communications best practices
  • Brand development
  • Assistance with communications projects such as app development
  • Change management for organizations seeking to adapt communications processes for new media or to integrate fractured communications residing in multiple departments
  • Economic development communications to provide a strategic competitive advantage for a location, project or initiative.
  • Biofuels, biorefining, bioproducts and industrial biomanufacturing communications
  • Strategic and tactical communications planning
  • Services to startups or new initiatives within established organizations
  • Development of internal or external wikis

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 Implementing digital video for improved business results

Integrated Media Strategies provides insights into how digital video can be incorporated into organizations to benefit quality control and risk avoidance in regulated and advanced manufacturing sectors.  It can strengthen internal communications, eliminate misunderstandings along the chain of complex processes, and reach people with different learning styles in ways that text cannot.  

Integrated Media Strategies consults on:

  • Ways in which video can benefit and organization and improve the bottom line
  • Digital video workflow
  • Integration of video into communications structures
  • Inhouse vs contracted out
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Dissemination
  • Metrics

 The company has a unique capability in that it has produced video in regulated environments, including clean rooms where contamination must be avoided.  It has a strategic partnership with an industry-scale biotech training facility with large-scale bioreactors, laboratories and clean rooms where video production can take place.

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Strategic positioning for economic and workforce development

Integrated Media Strategies has nearly a decade of experience in strategic positioning and communications development for economic development consortiums that include industry and higher education partnerships. Workforce development initiatives change lives, but only by building in branding, marketing and communications infrastructure can the outcomes be leveraged for greater momentum, sustainability, and recognition.  

By building in professional communications into these initiatives, consortium members can partner more effectively, recruitment is improved, transparency is made more visible, and industry integration and outcomes enhanced.

The team at Integrated Media Strategies has been directly involved and had leadership roles in multiple highly-acclaimed development projects, including launching NC BioNetwork; leading and rebranding the communications efforts of NC BioImpact, the Biofuels Center, and the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance.  It has also assisted with smaller-scale efforts at the town and regional level.  

Its expertise is not only in managing the disparate partners to shape communications and messaging to a common, powerful point, and by so doing, create unity of purpose and vision, but also in working with state and federal rules with their arcane reporting requirements.  It has extensive experience in managing multi-party communications committees and helping these groups to set goals, break down tasks into small, manageable components, and accomplish what they started.

 If you are a grant winner or lead an initiative, contact Integrated Media Strategies to see how it can make you more visible, improve partner dynamics, and achieve recognition for the efforts of the group.


 Assisting consortiums and initiatives

Often organizations join forces to accomplish goals they cannot easily accomplish by themselves.  In many instances these are grant funded or state or federally-funded initiatives and may even require unlikely bedfellows to work together. 

Consortiums face a range of difficulties - partners are often unequal; brands are external to the initiative but must still be enhanced; funding often does not extend to full-time support for communications infrastructure development, strategy or implementation; and implementation of marketing and communications often requires non-communications staff participation, which may not have been expected or planned for.  We can help. 

Integrated Media Strategies has extensive experience in building consensus while working with consortiums and helping initiatives accomplish high levels of positive visibility that in turn enhance the image of the partner organizations.  This experience and expertise is not something offered by typical communications agencies. Contact us before you build the consortium website because we can use shared decisionmaking on communications infrastructure as part of the process of building consensus on a shared communications culture.