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 Assisting consortiums and initiatives

Often organizations join forces to accomplish goals they cannot easily accomplish by themselves.  In many instances these are grant funded or state or federally-funded initiatives and may even require unlikely bedfellows to work together. 

Consortiums face a range of difficulties - partners are often unequal; brands are external to the initiative but must still be enhanced; funding often does not extend to full-time support for communications infrastructure development, strategy or implementation; and implementation of marketing and communications often requires non-communications staff participation, which may not have been expected or planned for.  We can help. 

Integrated Media Strategies has extensive experience in building consensus while working with consortiums and helping initiatives accomplish high levels of positive visibility that in turn enhance the image of the partner organizations.  This experience and expertise is not something offered by typical communications agencies. Contact us before you build the consortium website because we can use shared decisionmaking on communications infrastructure as part of the process of building consensus on a shared communications culture.



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