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Strategic positioning for economic and workforce development

Integrated Media Strategies has nearly a decade of experience in strategic positioning and communications development for economic development consortiums that include industry and higher education partnerships. Workforce development initiatives change lives, but only by building in branding, marketing and communications infrastructure can the outcomes be leveraged for greater momentum, sustainability, and recognition.  

By building in professional communications into these initiatives, consortium members can partner more effectively, recruitment is improved, transparency is made more visible, and industry integration and outcomes enhanced.

The team at Integrated Media Strategies has been directly involved and had leadership roles in multiple highly-acclaimed development projects, including launching NC BioNetwork; leading and rebranding the communications efforts of NC BioImpact, the Biofuels Center, and the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance.  It has also assisted with smaller-scale efforts at the town and regional level.  

Its expertise is not only in managing the disparate partners to shape communications and messaging to a common, powerful point, and by so doing, create unity of purpose and vision, but also in working with state and federal rules with their arcane reporting requirements.  It has extensive experience in managing multi-party communications committees and helping these groups to set goals, break down tasks into small, manageable components, and accomplish what they started.

 If you are a grant winner or lead an initiative, contact Integrated Media Strategies to see how it can make you more visible, improve partner dynamics, and achieve recognition for the efforts of the group.




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