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Strategic communications and integrated marketing.

Integrated Media Strategies has broad capabilities in communications, both strategic and tactical, and its key strength is in using technology and integrated media for cost effective solutions.  The list below illustrates some areas in which it can be of assistance:

  • Review of client communications practices
  • Communications goal setting
  • Guidance, training and mentoring on new media
  • Projects, campaigns and issue management
  • Cost-effective use of integrated media
  • Development of communications platforms for social, web, digital and email marketing and communications
  • Spokesperson training
  • Development of content marketing and communications practices
  • Integration of video into communications practices
  • Development of a media relations plan
  • Development or review of crisis communications plans
  • Media release generation and distribution
  • Adapting communications plans to include opinion-shapers from blogs and social media
  • Development of social media plans
  • Development of organization communications best practices
  • Brand development
  • Assistance with communications projects such as app development
  • Change management for organizations seeking to adapt communications processes for new media or to integrate fractured communications residing in multiple departments
  • Economic development communications to provide a strategic competitive advantage for a location, project or initiative.
  • Biofuels, biorefining, bioproducts and industrial biomanufacturing communications
  • Strategic and tactical communications planning
  • Services to startups or new initiatives within established organizations
  • Development of internal or external wikis

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