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In today's world of information overload, first impressions are often all you'll get. We help organizations improve their communications by cleaning up spelling errors and grammar flaws in translations from other languages; aligning print choices like card stock with brand values; and ensuring all media work together effectively to strengthen an organization's online footprint, brand and strategic messaging.

The big picture

Integrated Media Strategies considers design choices, short, medium and long-term business goals, budget, audiences, internal procedures and processes for communicating, and other key drivers for a particular organization and develops strategic and tactical plans to position companies and organizations for improved business outcomes, strengthened branding, consistency of messaging and other deliverables.  

What is 'positioning'?

Positioning may seem like one of those intangible words used to evade measurables, and in in some respects, the impact of positioning can be difficult to quantify.  But perceptions and thin-slicing are scientifically established.  Effective strategic positioning ensures that the first impressions your organization makes are emotionally appropriate and positive so that the interactions that follow are colored by those first impressions and benefit the bottom line. If your organization is perceived as credible when you walk into your first meeting, accomplishing your business goals are that much easier. However, if your website is poorly translated, has messy navigation, details are absent or incorrect, then perceptions may be tarnished to the point where dealmaking is far more difficult to accomplish. Integrated Media Strategies provides a range of services to correct problems, improve perceptions and integrate communications for consistent messaging in line with corporate values and goals.

Positioning for economic & workforce development initiatives

For nearly a decade, Integrated Media Strategies has worked with several consortiums, usually made up of higher education instititutions, nonprofits and government agencies, providing guidance and assisting with communications development, branding and positioning.  During that time, it has led, launched and played a key role in the successful outcomes of several multi-million dollar economic and workforce development initiatives that have obtained national and international acclaim.   It has particular expertise in helping disparate organizations find common ground, partner and develop powerful messaging for the initiative that has resulted in industry growth, job growth and improved outcomes.  More of the consulting and other services Integrated Media Strategies provides can be found under Consulting.

Stacking up against the competition, now and in two years?

In an age when everything can be searched on and due diligence is far more transparent, consistent messaging supporting business goals cannot be invented overnight.  A company's communications track record instantly becomes part of its credibility and impacts its products, services and the bottom line.  If a company has poor communications, how can it be trusted to assemble a product or provide a service?  Questions arising from simple due diligence through a Google search can be losing you customers or clients.  Integrated Media Strategies provides change management to improve internal communications processes for consistent, credible results.

Positioning for Start Ups

For startup companies, strategic positioning is even more important, because early choices can affect the long-term viability of the venture and exit strategies.  Time is also critical, because cash-flow to startups is critical.  Integrated Media Strategies has more than a decade of real-world startup experience and understand the drivers affecting startups..  If you are a new company, or about to start one up, we can help. 

Let us help you

Contact Integrated Media Strategies for a communications audit or to discuss how we can assist you with your strategic goals.  




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