No two organizations are alike.  Small businesses have very different internal communications workflows to larger organizations with departments and separate budgets and reporting structures.  But your key audiences don't care.  They expect your marketing and social media and customer service to all be on the same page.  Integrated Media Strategies helps organizations streamline communications processes and workflows.  It can help set up training so that techs out on the job are part of the communications workflow to social media.  If a customer is happy, how to capture that immediately and share it with marcom and social media.  We provide guidance to smaller organizations and non-profits to help minimize handling of information while turning it into content marketing that addresses positioning, marketing and drives revenue growth.  And we help startups priorize what's important and how to consistently communicate their key differentiating advantages.  

A sustainable recipe for success

The point to best practices is that by using them and doing them, staff don't need to re-invent the wheel each time.  They have a recipe for success. 



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