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Industry specialization

Integrated Media Strategies takes on work only when it believes it can deliver value, but the company's experience means it can be specially useful in the following areas of industry specialization:

  • Multimedia SOPs and other training video for biomanufacturing and biopharmaceutical companies and in other regulated industry sectors
  • Biotechnology startups, including branding, positioning, and communications infrastructure development
  • The renewable fuels, industrial biotechnology, and biobased materials - both business-to-business as well as public education, outreach, social media and digital media
  • Aerospace and aviation companies, including the Experimental Aircraft sector
  • Advanced manufacturing, including communications and multimedia development of procedures and SOPs
  • Small, technical startups.  Organizations such as these have different challenges in marketing themselves effectively.

More about use of video for improving training and quality control can be found in our article on Training, QC and Compliance



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