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Integrated Media Strategies has a proven track record in integrating traditional and new media for branding, marketing, PR, communications, advertising and technical writing. It has extensive expertise in strategic decision-making, communications troubleshooting, and balancing long-term goals with short-term projects, resulting in effective and measurable communications solutions for business growth and other organizational goals.  Integrated Media Strategies has communications project experience on four continents in all media - print, radio, television, digital, web and social media - and can use this expertise and its global perspective to maximize impact. 

Integrated Media Strategies can be flexible about solutions because it doesn't have only a hammer in its toolbox making every problem look like a nail.  Here are some of our outcomes:

  • NC Advanced Manufacturing Alliance - $977+ million in new expansions and investments in 2012/2013 in largely rural counties the Alliance serves
  • BioNetwork – student recruitment up from fewer than 100 statewide to 3,000+ in two years
  • NC BioImpact – More than $2 billion in three years, including Merck and Novartis
  • 200% growth in agricultural prospects for Smart Earth Seeds, Canada
  • Biofuels - $250 million advanced biofuels facility attracted to NC
  • African Leadership Institute – a Pan-African organization with a Nobel Peace Laureate as patron providing ethical leadership training for change
  • Canadian government – consulted on increasing direct foreign invest-ment through improved digital and online media
  • Communications best practices for Smithfield Selma Chamber of Business delivering significantly more traffic to their site




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