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Cost effective

Integrated Media Strategies has extensive experience in developing cost-effective communications planning for companies, start-ups and also in strategic and tactical communications for larger projects.  Integrated Media Strategies draws on a small team of highly experienced specialists with whom it has a long track record of success and who can be brought in as and when needed.  That way, clients need not pay for continuing overhead, or 'buy the building'.

A shortlist of services we can supply include:

  • Communications audits and new media change management
  • Social media projects, both small and large
  • Blogging services for content marketing - we develop the content and post it for you; or we help you develop the internal capacity to accomplish this successfully
  • e Newsletter development and distribution
  • Video production and video communications integration services, including production, archiving, media stripping and integration, streaming and multipurposing
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Website development, both larger database driven sites as well as simpler sites.  We specialize in Joomla sites but can work with other content management systems.
  • Television and radio advertising media buys
  • Wikis, both for internal intranet use or external, public access
  • Conference exhibit space management marketing integration
  • Redesign of corporate entrances and signage to improve branding and visitor's initial perceptions

If the service you are seeking isn't listed, contact us anyway; if we are unable to help, we can often refer you to someone who can.  More of the professional accomplishments of the executives at Integrated Media Strategies can be found at About Us.

Communications integration 

Integrated Media Strategies is able to integrate communications technologies and platforms, including social media, to maximize reach and value of the investment to small organizations.  In the modern business environment, data, information and the skills and expertise of staff should all be leveraged collaboratively in clear, effective messaging on behalf of the organization.  This is an information age, so unless an organization tells it's own story, it will see its story told by others, including its competitors, to its detriment.  Organizations must have the right communications tools to be able to cut through the noise of a 24/7, always-on environment to reach key audiences, influencers and stakeholders and translate key big-picture goals into effective detail-oriented programs.

Proven track record

Integrated Media Strategies has a proven track record in integrating traditional and new media for branding, marketing, PR, communications, advertising and technical writing. It has extensive expertise in strategic decision-making, communications troubleshooting, and balancing long-term goals with short-term projects, resulting in effective and measurable communications solutions for business growth and other organizational goals.  Integrated Media Strategies has communications project experience on four continents in all media - print, radio, television, digital, web and social media - and can use this expertise and its global perspective to maximize impact. 

Integrated Media Strategies can be flexible about solutions because it doesn't have only a hammer in its toolbox making every problem look like a nail.  Here are some of our outcomes:

  • NC Advanced Manufacturing Alliance - $977+ million in new expansions and investments in 2012/2013 in largely rural counties the Alliance serves
  • BioNetwork – student recruitment up from fewer than 100 statewide to 3,000+ in two years
  • NC BioImpact – More than $2 billion in three years, including Merck and Novartis
  • 200% growth in agricultural prospects for Smart Earth Seeds, Canada
  • Biofuels - $250 million advanced biofuels facility attracted to NC
  • African Leadership Institute – a Pan-African organization with a Nobel Peace Laureate as patron providing ethical leadership training for change
  • Canadian government – consulted on increasing direct foreign invest-ment through improved digital and online media
  • Communications best practices for Smithfield Selma Chamber of Business delivering significantly more traffic to their site


 Content marketing

Content marketing is about using web and digital content to boost the standing, credibility and visibility of an organization on the world wide web, and in search results.  Done well, it is an extremely cost effective method of marketing. 

Two key elements of content marketing are regular posting and updates to your website and distribution of that content via email newsletters and social media.  Integrated Media Strategies helps organizations develop a cost-effective plan to update content regularly on their websites, create and post new content, and then distribute that content to audiences important to that organization.  Many organizations and small businesses have in-house experts and subject matter experts who are not web savvy, but are knowledgeable.  We help these organizations with developing content, formatting for the web, and posting and distribution at very cost-effective rates.  This ensures that the organization is able to focus on its core business competencies, while still getting the message out.  Contact us to get an estimate.

Can work at a distance

Integrated Media Strategies is a U.S.-based company using only trusted subcontractors with whom it has worked for a long time. We are successful at crafting partnerships with teams in geographically diverse locations and setting up communications infrastructure to ensure teams are able to not only work on communications and information-sharing projects, but also translate and repurpose that information for corporate outreach and marketing.  Integrated Media Strategies ensures high levels of service, value and ROI.  Our team has also worked globally and so understands the challenges of working across timezones and cultures.  Depending on client needs and preferences, we can source subcontractors with a good track record in the client's country.  Since the principal has worked globally, this is not usually a problem.

Industry specialization

Integrated Media Strategies takes on work only when it believes it can deliver value, but the company's experience means it can be specially useful in the following areas of industry specialization:

  • Multimedia SOPs and other training video for biomanufacturing and biopharmaceutical companies and in other regulated industry sectors
  • Biotechnology startups, including branding, positioning, and communications infrastructure development
  • The renewable fuels, industrial biotechnology, and biobased materials - both business-to-business as well as public education, outreach, social media and digital media
  • Aerospace and aviation companies, including the Experimental Aircraft sector
  • Advanced manufacturing, including communications and multimedia development of procedures and SOPs
  • Small, technical startups.  Organizations such as these have different challenges in marketing themselves effectively.

More about use of video for improving training and quality control can be found in our article on Training, QC and Compliance

Speaking engagements

We are experts in economic and workforce development marketing strategy and implementation, and integrated media.  We are on top of trends and can provide valuable insights for your organization.

If you would like Norman Smit to present or speak at conferences or other events, please call 919-585-4818 or email him and let's discuss how we can best serve you.




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