Norman Smit - CEO

Norman Smit is an award-winning media professional who has worked as a communications executive on four continents.

During his career, he has produced a tourism series for the government of India, done advisory work on national morning television in Germany, produced nationally-shown interviews with leaders like Nelson Mandela and bands like U2, and helped launch South Africa’s first independent post-Apartheid national television news channel, eNews, which was also one of the world’s first fully-digital newsrooms. He was a former Executive Producer of Good Morning South Africa and an owner and senior executive of the highly-successful morning television program, The Breakfast Club.

He has been instrumental in starting up and marketing several nationally-acclaimed economic development initiatives in the biotechnology, renewable fuels and advanced manufacturing sectors, using integrated media effectively for highly-visible outcomes.  His clients include the Canadian Government, statewide economic and workforce development organizations, federal Department of Labor TAACCCT grant-funded initiatives, and a range of consortiums working together to advance their communications and positioning strategically.

Projects include leading an integrated media campaign using green-screen video with participation from the general public as part of a fully-integrated biofuels education campaign using digitally-embedded streamed video, social media, other online tools, and traditional broadcasting.  In another highly successful biofuels marketing project, he produced the acclaimed CD "Road Music - From Bluegrass to Switchgrass" with participation from more than 20 local musicians.  

Current clients range from solo entrepreneurs to large organizations and include:

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