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We provide social media training. Which social media to choose. Risk management. What not to do. Leverage your content for traffic and revenue.
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We don't just do pretty sites. We design with strategic marketing communications needs in mind. Mobile-friendly, pretty, and smarts, all in one.
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Herding cats. Ten years of working with consortiums and initiatives that have to collaborate to get things done - with good results.
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Norman Smit

Global communications veteran and geek with an ability to find cost-effective solutions that work.
Iulia Box Project Manager

Iulia Box

Project manager
Tackling business development and client management, she'll offer assistance to get you the outcomes you need.

Seymone Moodley

For integrated transatlantic business service, we partner with Malteez, a South African digital agency.

Stacey Quay

Helps with all of those details that ordinarily would make you tear out your hair. She also knits.




Empowering the next generation of Africa's leaders by providing communications, media services, web development, social media guidance and strategic positioning.
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Virtual Agronomist

We're helping an eco-friendly seed company assist farmers by providing the communications infrastructure for an online extension service including a library & forum.
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$1.3 Billion in Growth

Our plan promoting statewide specialized advanced manufacturing training results in $1billion in new investment and growth in those counties in two years.
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Happy Clients

3D-Simulation Medical Training

Our expertise with federally-funded specialized workforce development training is helping a community college recruit and train future nurses and medical techs as part of a multi-state DOL grant.


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Building Industry Support 

Many building contractors are small businesses with limited resources. We're providing digital and content marketing training through their association to give them the online advantage they need.


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Communications Best Practices

A Chamber of Business needed help transforming their communications practices. Together, we produced guidelines that resulted in membership growth and visibility for their membership online.


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Tips, traps and best practices for starting up your company's business to business social media.


2e1ax radium frontpage video content marketing
Cost effective ways to make video work as part of the content marketing for your organization.


2e1ax radium entry Search Traffic Position Pie Chart
Using content marketing efficiently and effectively to obtain better business results through unpaid Search.


2e1ax radium entry 3WAY 1
How not to screw up in today's hyper-connected world.  Some tips from skydiving to limit risk.


We work with small businesses on their online security, like doing an annual password audit.


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Small business owners often don't understand the language of digital marketing.  We have a dictionary.




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