Getting a job in the current economic climate is difficult and many people are poorly prepared for searching for a job, putting together a resume, the process of submitting resumes, and putting your best foot forward in the event of an interview. Integrated Media Strategies recently turned over a new website to a group who will be actively engaged in helping people with this process.  The site, called Career Development Solutions, uses one of the new Top Level Domains or TLDs for the Fish Out Of Water group.  

The group, headed by Vanessa Cogdell, are all professionals with a long history of working with people being reskilled and in the area of career counselling, career coaching and related expertise.  The site will provide a way for interested people who are either interested in preparing for a career shift or those searching for work to get the help they need to be competitive in a competitive job marketplace. 


The site provides information about the services they offer, upcoming workshops, testimonials of people helped, and a blog about the field called Career Bites.  The website was built using Joomla and is fully responsive - a key element for those who may have access only to a phone to read about the services they offer.  As is common with sites built by Integrated Media Strategies, we provide training to small businesses on how to use their website and populate it with their own content, enabling small business owners to minimize costs and learn how to use their site at the same time. 


We turn over the site with Latin filler text and a quick search will reveal which pages still need to be completed.

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