Integrated Media Strategies provides a range video production services. There are very few types of video materials that Integrated Media Strategies hasn't encountered or produced.  The principal at Integrated Media Strategies has more than 20 years of national broadcast experience and has launched several digital newsrooms on two continents, produced video series' in Europe, Africa and India and produced international award-winning television ads.

Integrated Media Strategies can assist organizations with individual projects, development of television advertising as well as placement and contract negotiating, internal communications and training videos, video for distribution through social media, and video for distribution to news outlets.

Integrated Media Strategies has experience in digital video dissemination via a variety of delivery systems, including integrating digital video into firewalled streaming online systems;  associating video with online personnel questionnaires to ensure they have watched the video and understood what they saw, heard and read; and as separate clips on stand-alone hardware on the manufacturing floor and elsewhere.

Integrated Media Strategies shoots in HD and edits on up-to-date non-linear software, and can provide finished video in a format suitable for final viewing, whether that is for online streaming, on screen, DVD, stand-alone hardware, or mobile platforms.

One area of specialization is in the production of training materials and digital SOPs for regulated industries or for quality control in advanced manufacturing operations.




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