Digital video can be a powerful communications tool for your organization.

It can make internal communications more personal and credible.  When used for quality control and as a training tool it can precisely show a process exactly as it should be done.  For branding, marketing, advertising, and technical exposition it can be a powerful influencer, and is very effective in social media.

However, many organizations do not understand how to effectively integrate video into their day-to-day communications processes, organizational structures and workflows for maximum value. With proper planning, video can dynamically alter the scope, reach and impact of communications and provide a a range of additional media beyond the finished pieces.

We also assist organizations with implementing video archiving solutions.  Video production is expensive and footage is a valuable communications asset.  However, without being able to search for content in footage, the value of the asset is often lost once the project is completed. We assist in developing processes for video archiving so that as video grows as a communications tool within an organization, being able to search for and find raw footage in a company video library can reduce future shooting costs.  It also makes the footage available for mining for other media, such as images (stills), natural sound, or podcasts edited from interviews.

Integrated Media Strategies can assist organizations with:

  • Planning, use and integration of in-house video capabilitiies
  • Integration of contract video into organizations
  • Guidance on opportunities for more effective use of video within organizations
  • Video production services
  • Video archiving

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