Integrated Media Strategies has produced a range of different video types, ranging from series' to stand-alone pieces.  These include green-screen video, 30 second television advertisements, video designed for social media sharing and participation, and public education and positioning.  A limited number of examples of digital videos produced by principals at Integrated Media Strategies follow:

Stories of Hope (Telly Award winning series)

Some downloadable clips from an award-winning series called "Stories of Hope" used for biotechnology marketing and recruiting in North Carolina.  Right-click on the icons and select Save Link, to download the separate 30" clips. Once downloaded, the clip will play in your media player..

iMovie HDiMovie HD


Trade show video

A biomanufacturing trade show video that runs about 5 and a half minutes.  Right-click on the icon and select Save Link.  Once downloaded, the clip will play in your media player.

iMovie HD


Green screen video as part of an integrated media campaign

This video is just one of more than 550 that were created during a 10-day period with the public.  Videos were posted within 24 hours to Youtube, embedded and made searchable in a dedicated website, and made easily shareable via social media.  The best videos were selected for a statewide advertising campaign reaching more than 80% of North Carolina drivers.  The example below shows a before and after video:




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