Digital video presents opportunities to organizations to cost-effectively reach their communications goals through finished video as well as the digital content making up that finished piece, including repurposing of raw video, audio for podcasts, and still images extracted from the footage.  Organizations also have multiple ways to distribute content both internally and externally.  Integrated Media Strategies can assist with the following:

  • Integrating video into your communications workflow, planning, infrastructure and distribution
  • Video production
  • Digital video - internal, external, broadcast and social media
  • Video for SOPs, quality control, training, and validation for regulated industries

Deep experience

Integrated Media Strategies brings the following experience:

  • More than 20 years of live, production, content, digital and executive experience in national television and video production
  • International experience with work in Africa, India, Europe and the United States
  • The principal has started up several newsrooms and grasps both technical and organizational complexities
  • Integrated campaigns using green-screen, broadcast, advertising, social media and video for mobile platforms



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