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Integrated Media Strategies builds websites.  Unlike most website developers, we do so thinking ahead with several criteria in mind:

  • How to leverage the site for content marketing
  • To meet your internal marketing and sales needs
  • To be mobile friendly - that means simple navigation on small screens by people with fat fingers
  • To evolve with your organization as it grows and changes
  • For effective strategic positioning
  • For management by multiple staff members or contributors

So when we build a website, you won't just get a pretty face, you'll get smarts, too. 

The sites we build use the Open Source enterprise-capable Joomla platform, which has had more than 35 million downloads and has a vibrant, global developer community.  This means that should you ever decide to change vendors, you will always be in charge and can retain support for your site. You are not locked into a custom platform that lives or dies with our support.  It keeps us service-oriented and you as the client retain control, which is as it should be.  The platform is enormously powerful with native multi-layer access control built in.  This means you can give people within your organization control over limited parts of the site to maintain the content and even control whether they can edit, publish, or do anything they choose. The sites we build are user friendly, which means it isn't technically-challenging for the less web-competent members of your organization to edit or add content to the site. 


Joomla's content management system is well-suited to eCommerce.  If you want to sell something online, let us know, we'll help you build your site.


We provide training on all sites we build so that you as the user are able to maximize the value of your investment in your new site.  Contact us for an estimate on your new project.

Long-term support

We can provide long-term support, both technical - keeping the site secure and up-to-date, as well as content - generating content useful to your audiences and stakeholders.

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