Startups aren't like other ventures

Integrated Media Strategies has more than a decade of direct experience in multiple startups, so we know they are different to established ventures.  Startups are usually pressed for time, focused on the next milestone and often staffed by people who are specialists in their area of expertise.  They usually do not have an in-house communications team capable of helping to translate their big idea or vision into coherently branded and strategic communications. Having well-branded communications materials can make a difference in the crediblity and perception of that idea or service, regardless of its inherent validity.  Integrated Media Strategies can make a difference and provides assistance in the following areas:

Hardware, software and virtual office setup

Helping startups with their hardware, software choices and mobile choices.  Buy smart in the beginning and the equipment will work for you in the office and on the road. Integrated Media Strategies can establish the office online communications infrastructure needed for staff to securely share calendars, sync email and be able to work seamlessly on the road, as well as provide guidance on backing up documents, files and data in the event of a hard drive crash.  Most startups can't afford that kind of loss.

Strategic communications

A large part of an organization's credibility is how it is perceived online.  Integrated Media Strategies can guide startups with the choices they need to make early that will impact long-term viability and credibility and create a foundation for marketing, communications and business-to-business interactions.  Strategic positioning is a critical element to helping startups reach viability or an exit strategy.

Startup branding and logo development

Integrated Media Strategies can guide and develop a portfolio of consistently branded materials, including logos, business cards, signatures, templates, digital newsletters and other materials.

Online presence

Integrated Media Strategies can assist with domain name selection, registration, hosting and website development as well as negotiating for that domain name that's been parked at a cost, but which would be ideal for your new company.   A good domain name is key to being easily remembered.  Additionally, Integrated Media Strategies can assist in a structured rollout of other sites including digital video and social media

Digital and web tools

Integrated Media Stategies can set up search engine optimization on websites, audit where your organization is appearing online, assist with correction of erroneous information about your organization obtained from content spiders, set up automated keyword tracking, social media posting tools, enewsletter posting and click-through tracking, online media libraries, and other services


Integrated Media Strategies provides a range of video services.  The key to these services is that video should never be used in isolation, but should always be produced so that it provides multiple uses for the organization, including stills, news media B-roll, as an online promotional tool, for internal communications and staff education, and in manufacturing companies, as a training aid.


Many startup organizations don't have the capacity to retain a full-time communications team or even retain a communications company such as ours on an extended basis. However, we provide training and mentoring so that regular communications can be done in-house in a credible, authentic fashion until such time as the organization needs more capacity or has a project-specific need.



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