Social media has become integral in business communications.  People are using social media daily and, along with smartphones, can negatively or positively impact perceptions about your business' services or products.  It is now more important than ever for organizations to have a social media presence to shape perceptions and messaging about themselves.  Additionally, it can be a valuable tool to boost search results, something that may be the difference between success and failure for small businesses and startups. 

But having a social media presence also carries risk. We can brief management on internal processes, risk management, the relationship between corporate accounts and employee social media accounts, and matters such as political giving and employee activity going viral that can negatively impact a company.  We can also consult on issues of privacy and data as it pertains to social media and other platforms an organisation may use.

Integrated Media Strategies helps organizations with social media in the following ways:

  • Decisionmaking on having a social media presence
  • Risk management
  • HR rules pertaining to social media, company values and employee activity
  • Planning for viral activity on social media, either positive or negative
  • Guidance on setting up of social media sites
  • Development of consistent branding
  • Guidance on which social media may be most useful
  • Mentoring of staff on use of social media
  • Training on social media
  • Assisting with integrating social media into other content marketing and communications
  • Development of organizational best practices for social media
  • Guidance on social media utilities and tools for automation, tracking, scheduling, etc.
  • Developing integrated social media campaigns







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