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Integrated Media Strategies has extensive experience in developing cost-effective communications planning for companies, start-ups and also in strategic and tactical communications for larger projects.  Integrated Media Strategies draws on a small team of highly experienced specialists with whom it has a long track record of success and who can be brought in as and when needed.  That way, clients need not pay for continuing overhead, or 'buy the building'.

A shortlist of services we can supply include:

  • Communications audits and new media change management
  • Social media projects, both small and large
  • Blogging services for content marketing - we develop the content and post it for you; or we help you develop the internal capacity to accomplish this successfully
  • e Newsletter development and distribution
  • Video production and video communications integration services, including production, archiving, media stripping and integration, streaming and multipurposing
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Website development, both larger database driven sites as well as simpler sites.  We specialize in Joomla sites but can work with other content management systems.
  • Television and radio advertising media buys
  • Wikis, both for internal intranet use or external, public access
  • Conference exhibit space management marketing integration
  • Redesign of corporate entrances and signage to improve branding and visitor's initial perceptions

If the service you are seeking isn't listed, contact us anyway; if we are unable to help, we can often refer you to someone who can.  More of the professional accomplishments of the executives at Integrated Media Strategies can be found at About Us.



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