Creating a menu for a single article in Joomla 3

Log into the back end of the website - typically

This article is aimed primarily at people creating new menus in new websites or a new section of a site.  In Joomla, when creating a single article menu, you have to have an article already.  That presumes a content category for the article, so the typical process flow for single-article menus is to create a content category first (if it doesn't already exist), then the article and select the appropriate category, and then the menu has an article to be selected when you get to that point. 

Navigate to Category Manager to check that the appropriate content category exists for the article.

Once in Category Manager, check to see that the appropriate category of content exists.  If it doesn't, create a category of content; if it does, go to Articles.  Here's how to create a content category.

Click on the green "New" button on the top left:

Add title to the category. Enter text if needed, check along right side to choose status.  Text may be needed if you are creating a category list or a category blog and want to use an explanation or introduction to the blog/list.  Add tags for Search optimization.  Click save and close.

 Next, create an article by clicking on Articles which is on the upper left hand side above the highlighted text Categories.

Once there, click on the green "New" button on the top left to create a new article.


 Add the title

Enter the text, and then upload and insert photo either into the article or associate it with the article using Joomla.  In this case, we're showing it inserted directly into the article.

On the right side menu, select the category for the article.

Save and close.  You now have the article to which the menu will point when a visitor clicks on it.

Next, create the menu.

On the very top menu, under System, click on the control panel link.

Click the link on the left for menu manager


Select the menu title you will be using.  In this particular instance it will be Top.

Once in the Top menu - or whichever yours is called - click on New at upper left to create new menu.


Enter the title.

Select menu item type next.  For a single article menu, you'll need to select Articles first and once within that, Single Article.

After selecting article for menu item type, choose the type of Article Menu; in this case, Single Article.

Then select the article.  To do so, click on the Select button.  It will open the Articles manager listings.  (See next)

Choose the article that will be opened when a visitor clicks on the menu once everything is saved.

Choose Parent item on the right hand side.  The Parent Item is where the menu you are creating will appear.  Menu item root means it'll add it to the Top menu (in this case), or if you pick from the dropdown, it'll save the menu as a submenu to one of the other menus listed there.  Select where you want it to appear, Save and Close.

We won't go into all of the other menu options in this particular help guide, but they include the type of user access, pages on which the menu will appear, and SEO tweaks.



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