Key focus

Integrated Media Strategies specializes in helping organizations communicate better with their stakeholders, clients and customers for improved outcomes.  It helps organizations plan and implement integrating digital video, web, social media and traditional media for marketing, business development and internal communications.  These solutions improve the effectiveness of internal and external communications, branding, marketing and strategic positioning. 

Consortiums and new initiatives

Much of the work we do is with consortiums where partners' capabilities and resources may be unequal and where taking on shared or joint marketing communications is difficult to do well with divided responsibilities.  We help partnering organizations that each have their own brand  work together for a joint benefit that enhances everyone's visibility and positioning.  Much of the work we do is with economic and workforce development initiatives and consortiums.

Communications change management

We help organizations integrate their messaging, marketing and positioning across platforms, including digital, web, mobile, and social media, print, tradeshows, internal communications, training, and other touchpoints.  Integration often requires training, and we assist with that, too.

Digital solutions for operations process compliance

One key service Integrated Media Strategies provides is to training, operations and QC departments on how to use digital media to improve comprehension of manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures, and with that, compliance. 

media integration for training

Contact Us

Although we are based in North Carolina, we are comfortable with working with organizations elsewhere in the United States or beyond.  The principals in Integrated Media Strategies have worked in Africa, Europe, India and the U.S. and bring that global awareness and experience to the table.  Contact us.


Integrated Media Strategies has a team with broad experience and capabilties in the areas in which it provides assistance, consulting services and projects to its clients. A strength of the company is that it brings a full communications toolbox to the table to tailor solutions appropriate to clients' needs instead of just reaching for the hammer every time.  It also has strategic alliances with other specialist contractors and companies that can provide critical value without clients having to pay for the overhead of a full slate of services, whether they need them or not.

The modern world is one in which people are networked and connected as never before and organizations ignore this at their peril.  Social media, apps and the explosive growth of smartphones makes interactions 24/7 and truly portable. With digital video, eNewsletters, direct mail, advertising, social media and traditional communications tools and platforms, Integrated Media Strategies helps organizations choose what to use, where to concentrate their efforts and how to organize internal staff around processes that will reinforce branding, improve reach and reduce cost.

History and track record

The company has experience in high-level communications decision-making with a proven track record of making a difference to the bottom line with repeated successes in business communications. For just a few examples of projects by Integrated Media Strategies staff, visit Successes




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